Hello, and welcome to Big As Data!

The site is still early in development, but is actively being built up and you will see changes to the content and structure on a daily basis.

To start, the idea is to use headlines of current events to create a high-level category map of … what is happening (aka news/life/reality). Once that is established, we will work out the mechanics connecting these pieces, adding in available data and research. Finally, once we get the lay of the land, analysis will begin with insights to follow.

What is the possible value of such an effort?

Well, consider for a moment your current method of consuming the news. Are you gaining a cumulative understanding of events or is the constant flow of information just washing over you?

We’ve already got more information than we need. Now the challenge is to organize and synthesize the raw data of the Information Age into a Big Picture everyone can see and use to navigate their way in our rapidly changing world.

This is the effort you will see play out on this site.