Phase One of development was to use current events as a means of organically mapping out a conceptual landscape.

Newspapers report what happened today. Big As Data will show you where it fits in a context beyond the “related articles”.

Information is all about the order.

With the initial test running from June to early August 2017, the material is heavily political, given what was going on in the news, but otherwise it provided a great proof of concept for a more comprehensive view of the news.

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Reality Check

What exactly is happening? Does anyone know?

Democracy in Danger?

Is it just me or is there a pattern here?

Following the news in this level of detail over the last few weeks, it sure seems like this administration is trying to systematically undermine key elements of democracy in the United States. There is a clear strategy of neglect being played out to let functioning parts of our government needlessly whither on the vine.

But is the goal small government, or no government?

The International Situation

Rebellion in Venezuela

Venezuela Sunset

Mixed Signals

The latest mixed signals coming in from around the world…

NK ICBM Milestone

Panama Papers Payback


GOP Steps Up

Russian Ramifications

Healthcare Vote-a-rama Fail

Democrats Offer Better Deal

The pitch…

… and the swing…

45 RPM

This ride is starting to make me sick.

World of 45 (July 27-31)

Policing by Trump

The Zoo

Attack on Gay Rights

Titanic Speculation

How’s it all going to go down? Here’s a visualization of how Jennifer Rubin from the Washington Post sees it…

Pardon Me?

More Good News

Money for Nothing

The Opioid Crisis

Spaceship Earth

So much for local realism…

Happy Birthday, Iceberg!

Antarctica loses space on the map as a Delaware-sized iceberg is born…

You know what we should do now…


BAD Sitemap

Ready for more? Here’s a map of exploratory work going on in the background, dive in!